All on the Best Tablets below Rs 5000

Tablets are having many software and application that enables to chat and email and thereby helping in keeping connected with the friends and the relatives. Also tablet is having an option to read a book without going anywhere. Even there are options for camera, video and the GPS. Today people need everything in their convenience and also a device that are able to carry easily. Ultimately the options in a tablet are undefined without any end.

Like some of the smart phones tablets are having a large display with better capacity for the battery. So the cost of the tablets will also be higher. But there are some Android tablets that offer price below Rs 5000.Tablets

We can discuss on some tablets that are below 5000

  • Micromax Canvas Tab P290: This is having an internal storage capacity of 8 GB and the display size is around 7 inches. It is having an autofocus camera with 2MP and pertain 1 year warranty for the phone and 6 months warranty for the box accessories.
  • Lenovo A7 -30: This tablet possesses 7 inches display with having a memory card that supports 32 GB. This is having a camera with 2 MP. It is a tablet of low budget having 3G and voice calling
  • Swipe Eco Tablet: This is a tablet with 3G and dual sim. This pertain a display of 7 inches and is having a camera with 2 MP.
  • Lenovo Tab 2A7-20 Tablet: This is having 1GB RAM with 7inches of display. The tab is having 5MP camera with a memory card that support up to 32 GB.
  • IKall N3 Tablet: Tablet is worth 7 inches of display and 5 MP of camera. The memory card is supported up to 32 GB.
  • Micromax Funbook P280 Tablet: This is dual core with 1GHz processor. It is having a display of 7 inches and memory card that is supported up to 32 GB
  • I Ball Slide 3G Q45i: This tablet is of dual sim and 3G Wi-Fi. It is having a camera of 2MP with 7 inches of display.
  • Karbonn A34 HD Star Tablet: This supports dual sim with 3G.The tablet possess 7 inches of display with 2MP camera. It pertain a memory card that supports up to 32 GB.
  • IBall Slide 3G Q45i: This is having 3G with dual sim capacity. This pertains 7 inches of display with 2 MP of camera. Also this has 2500 mAH battery capacity.
  • Lenovo Tab A710: This is considered to be one of the best tablets that are below Rs 5000.This is having 8GB internal storage capacity with 7 inch display .That is, it is having a decent display for the money that we pay. This is also having a very good backup for the battery.
  • Lenovo Tab 2A7-20: After the introduction of Lenovo A7-10 they introduced another version of the tablet. All the features are similar to that of the prior one but only difference is that of the 2MP camera.
  • I ball slide 1701:This tablet was launched for Rs 5000 but later the price was reduced to Rs 3999.Like all the tablets this performs well .Even though the quality of the sound is as normal the gaming capacity is good when compared with other. This is having an internal storage of 16 GB and the value of money is also good.