Understanding Numerous Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

Velvet Bean or Mucuna Pruriens is the bean that actually grows from the trees and is quite itchy to touch because of serotonin on the surface. It’s the great source of L-DOPA; it has other molecules, which can help the advantages of the L-DOPA. Other psychoactives present in Mucuna can be dosed very low to be quite relevant.

This herbal adaptogen, mucuna pruriens, is known for the wide range of strengthening, tonifying, and other beneficial properties. Maybe it is known best as the potent herbal aphrodisiac. Mucuna prurient is an Indian herb that is known by several names, and some of them are cowhage, cowitch, sea beans, velvet beans, Atmagupta, Kapikachu, buffalo beans, and others! Mucuna Pruriens mother tincture is one amazing ingredient from the Ayurvedic Medicine and added to the liquid and taken every day.

improve memory and concentration

Traditional properties:

  • Heavy & unctuous (greasing and oily quality)
  • Sweet, hot and bitter
  • Helps to build fertility in men
  • Treats leucorrhoea
  • Potent in increasing libido for women and men
  • Used to build strong muscle who are weak
  • Treats Parkinson’s
  • Treats insomnia
  • Treats depression
  • Helps in digestion without increasing fire

Some amazing properties:

Mucuna pruriens has 40mg/g of the compound named L-DOPA that is the direct precursor to neurotransmitter dopamine. This works as the best natural human growth hormone releasers just by stimulating its pituitary gland for increasing the production. Dopamine increases youth hormones like testosterone.  L-DOPA from the mucuna pruriens plant in shown to be much safer and effective to improve memory and concentration, controlling Parkinson’s disease compared to other pharmaceutical drugs like Carbidopa and Levodopa.

How to Take

The supplement wise, 5 gram of Mucuna Prurients powder is used with good efficacy in human studies on the Parkinson’s Disease & Fertility. Suppose your supplement is been standardized for the L-DOPA and you’re supplementing for the effect attributed to DOPA, then begin with around 1/2 of L-DOPA equivalent & work up when needed.

Mucuna Pruriens is eaten isolated as the food product, however cooking is needed to destroy the trypsin inhibitors in these beans (so the protein absorption isn’t hindered) still cooking destroys L-DOPA. Some of the supplements use cotyledon of MP that might have various nutrient profiles that are relative to bean and whole root.

Final words

Mucuna Pruriens supplementation is shown to increase the circulating dopamine in healthy male controls, through its main ingredient called levodopa.