Negotiating Tips When Shopping at Used Car Dealers

With a little research, buyers can level the playing field and confidently bargain. Here are five tips to help you get there!

  1. Know what you want

The easiest way to avoid overpaying for a car is to decide on a model before going to the dealer. Trust us even strong-willed people can be convinced to buy a car they don’t want from a friendly salesperson. Also, they almost always end up spending too much because they didn’t earn enough from the car they were encouraged to buy.

  1. Consider popular models

When you buy a rare car, your affordability and bargaining power is low because you don’t have many options. But when you buy a common model, you can walk away if the deal isn’t right, as there are a lot of them.

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  1. Know the price

With easy access to the internet, there is no excuse for the buyer not to know the car’s value before purchasing it. There are many resources online that will give you the value of any car, even the last penny!

  1. Records request

Dealerships never buy vehicles without evidence of a vehicle’s past. Service records and vehicle history reports are essential documents as they let buyers know if the vehicle has had an accident, flood, or has undergone major repairs. The buyer has the right to request these documents from the seller, whether it is a merchant or a private party. If the seller cannot produce it, the buyer can use it as a bargaining tool to ask for a lower price.

  1. Always be prepared to walk

Although used cars in yakima is a big buy, you should never allow yourself to get excited about a car you don’t own. The auto salesman, aware of his early attachment to the car, will almost certainly use this discovery to his advantage during negotiations. One thing you can do to avoid even the emergence of attachment is to walk away when the negotiation process gets stalled. Just make sure you don’t lose your temper and say something rude. Instead, stay calm and thank the seller for their time. If they don’t find out about you, they will likely get back to you within a day or two with a better offer.