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Covers a range of communication scenarios, extracting underlying information from data through social media monitoring hong kong With 20 years of media data storage, employing cutting-edge Chinese semantics technology, and knowledge graphics spanning dozens of industries from Wisers, the application of platforms to various public marketing collections. They help companies optimize MarCom efficiency, increase brand value, strengthen reputation management, predict business risks, research market information, and make decisions.

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Wisdom of the Wisers

  • Make smarter business decisions with a Big Data Intelligence platform.
  • Extended multimedia content is part of the source.
  • Make smarter business decisions with a Big Data Intelligence platform.
  • Turnkey solutions for various sectors
  • Probability coverage for PR and marketing scenarios
  • artificial intelligent Technology
  • A smart big data platform supports smarter business decisions like public relations and marketing numbers.
  • WisersOne SaaS modules can be used in interdependent and flexible stand-alone module scenarios and combined to handle integration scenarios.

Company Info

WisersOne covers all aspects of public opinion monitoring, be it surveillance, detection, early warning, surveillance, analysis, reconnaissance, litigation, etc. our real-time social eavesdropping tool which tracks opinion information from the global media and professional services for negative warning and monitoring of Wisers Crisis like free request and advertising broadcast. WisersOne Covers facilitates all aspects of corporate relations and media communication. Assessment and management. WisersOne effectively builds brand reputation and supports the media by providing public relations services.

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