A simplified business process

Every business needs to concentrate on customer relationships. It will bring them more number of businesses and help them grow. The interaction with the customers is a key factor in deciding whether the particular product or service will sell or not. Continuous interaction will result in the successful retaining of customers and that is the reason why businesses reach out to their clients quickly. While a countable number of customers is easy to catch, when it comes to a large group of clients or prominent customers, it requires a different approach. This is done conveniently through advertising. Moobicast is a popular firm in Singapore that focuses on its customers and helps them keep the conversation going through SMS broadcast.

For any business to succeed, it must ensure seamless interaction between a business and the customers. Keeping this key element in mind, the firm was started in 2006 to enable businesses to get involved in SMS marketing without any hint of the traditional method. Through this, they can reach a wide audience and spread their businesses to a large scale.

SMS broadcast

What are their services?

Moobicast SMS broadcast services allow the companies to send bulk SMS messages and they can also schedule the messages. They provide three options;

  • Assisted Blast.
  • Web Portal.
  • API.

With their services now running in over 200 countries, the firm provides various powerful features which are as follows;

  • Effortless Bulk SMS Singapore Broadcast.
  • Import Contacts.
  • Manage Subscription Lists.
  • Say Goodbye to One-Size Fits All Messages.
  • Track Campaigns with Reports.
  • Create the Best Customer Experience.
  • Seamless Integration with API Connectivity.

With all these features, combined with their continuous support to the customers, Moobicast has become a household name in Singapore.